The Executive Guide to Agile BPM

by Fujitsu

Aug 01, 2011

Download In today's challenging business climate, you need to be smarter and nimbler. Agile BPM from Fujitsu drives operational efficiencies, creates unique business opportunities, and provides real-time insight into your business performance. Read The Executive Guide to Agile BPM to see if you have the capabilities you need to respond to ever-changing business dynamics with Agile BPM.

For years, business process management (BPM) solutions have focused primarily on long-running, routine and seldom-changing processes. BPM has successfully guided system integration and provided business intelligence and monitoring for a wide variety of predictable, repetitive tasks and activities.

But in this era of information-driven enterprises, routine automation is no longer enough. BPM must become smarter and nimbler. You need it to address your non-routine, ad-hoc processes such as customer service management or incident claims handling as adeptly as it manages fixed, structured processes such as running an assembly line.

In fact, industry research predicts that 10 Global 2000 companies will fail by the middle of the decade due to overlooked business process defects. You can avoid such a dire fate, but not with traditional BPM. In this competitive business environment, BPM must drive operational efficiencies, create unique business opportunities and provide real-time insight into your business performance. In order to achieve this you need a next-generation Agile BPM solution that delivers in three distinct areas:

� Continuous process optimization

� Collaboration and social interaction

� Cloud-extended business communities