Toward An Identity And Context Virtualization Service: A Buyer's Guide To Virtual Directories

Jul 01, 2010

Download The world of IT and security is changing. We're moving from highly centralized infrastructures to a more federated approach, where relationships are loosely coupled, identities are scattered across systems, and we all live and work in the cloud. But such a move has exposed weaknesses in our IT systems--and prevented us from taking full advantage of all these technological advances. The struggle between the push model of our traditional security infrastructure and the pull model of modern architectures demands new ways of thinking. These ideas tap into something we've long understood: that virtualization has the power to change how we manage identities in the enterprise, and better yet, to free the relationships that are trapped in our application silos, enabling a world of new context-driven services. Such infrastructure shifts are necessarily incremental--no company can afford to make a wholesale change to its architecture. We also understand that virtual directory technology will be a main driver of such progressive changes, enabling an evolutionary approach while salvaging as much of the existing infrastructure as possible. But not all virtual directory solutions are created equal--and Radiant Logic suggests it's imperative to select the right tool for this job. This white paper is a practical guide to choosing the best virtual directory solution to meet your needs, both now and in the future.