Red Hat Enterprise Linux: The Clear Leader in Enterprise Web Applications

by Redhat

Oct 14, 2009

Download A number of leading technology firms, including IBM, HP, and SAP, invited Red Hat to participate in industry-standard benchmarks that compared Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Microsoft Windows and other operating systems in real-world conditions. The results of the 2009 benchmark studies reveal that Red Hat Enterprise Linux:
● Is the best platform for online transaction processing
● Achieves more business processes per minute and enables more processing with less hardware at the business logic tier
● Has a higher performance than Windows and Solaris when running Java on x86_64 hardware
● Is the best operating system for web servers
● Is the best platform for running Java Enterprise Edition application servers
● Scales better than Windows for large SAP applications

The following whitepaper details these results and the rigorous tests, which were run in conformance with accepted industry-standard benchmarks, that reveal that Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the best platform for enterprise web applications.