Governance Fast Start: 5 Keys to Effective Open Source Governance

Nov 15, 2011

Download Gartner predicts that through 2014, no more than 50% of open-source investments by mainstream IT organizations will yield consistent long term TCO advantages over alternatives. The reasons include the lack of a governance program to filter, audit, track and manage open source assets in the enterprise. In the same study they recommend -leveraging third-party commercial service and support to establish service-level agreements (SLAs) for OSS.

The credativ Group and Black Duck discuss these five key areas for effective governance:

� Policy - development and implementation of an open source policy

� Catalog - creation and management of a repository for open source components

� Acquisition - an automated approval/request process and workflow for acquisition of open source

� Compliance - automated checking and validation that only compliant code is used

� Support - commercial support of open source components

Make sure your company is part of the 50% that show long-term ROI and positive TCO impact with the use of OSS! Join Michael Meskes, President/Director of the credativ Group, and Peter Vescuso, EVP at Black Duck for a lively discussion.