KVM - Kernal Based Virtual Machine

Dec 16, 2010

Download Virtualization has begun to transform the way that enterprises are deploying and managing their infrastructure, providing the foundation for a truly agile enterprise, so that IT can deliver an infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, and most importantly economical by efficiently utilizing resources.

The x86 architecture has proven to be the dominate platform in enterprise computing, moving from its humble beginnings in desktop systems to now, powering the large enterprise applications that run businesses across the globe. The current generation of x86 CPUs include features such as large scale multi-threading with 8 or more processing cores, support for large memory systems with NUMA and integrated memory controllers, high speed CPU interconnects and chipset for support for advanced reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features. These features were once reserved for mainframe and high end UNIX systems, today x86 servers with 2 or 4 sockets are replacing expensive UNIX/RISC systems while delivering better performance and 4 and 8 socket servers are challenging mainframe class systems.