Oracle Office: Open Your Office for the Cloud

Feb 16, 2011

Download This white paper covers key trends in office productivity in the 21st century and how customers can benefit from them. These trends include proliferation of open standards, the latest web and mobile innovations, and tighter integration with enterprise applications. The internet and mobile devices are key drivers for new value-add in office software. The benefits from these trends will increase team productivity and significantly decrease IT costs. They increase productivity by easy-to-use team collaboration, web publishing and unlimited interoperability, as browser-based documents are accessible anywhere. With these opportunities, new challenges appear regarding the user experience, team productivity, or integrated infrastructure strategies and these need to be addressed for organizations with distributed environments that face cost pressures.

These dramatic changes in office productivity reshape the way individuals and organizations work today. To exploit the innovations and changes in the work environment, knowledge workers need to rely on office productivity tools that address opportunities and challenges such as the internet, globalization, commoditization, and mobility.

Oracle Open Office and Oracle Cloud Office, part of the Oracle Office Product Family, are the optimal productivity tools that deliver these benefits to your organization - complete, open, and integrated. Oracle Office can give you these strategic benefits and add value to your organization by providing a complete and enterprise integrated office suite, reducing costs significantly while migrating to an open-standard office stack with its inherent strategic and usability advantages, and increasing team collaboration by leveraging desktop and web.


Oracle Open Office