SOA Redefined: Simple. Open. Affordable.

by JBoss

Dec 01, 2007

Download Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables enterprises to accelerate business execution while driving higher quality and customer satisfaction. The key to success in business is creating the ability to not only to respond to opportunities and threats, but to identify them as early as possible and drive your vision of your business to a successful delivery of product and service leadership. SOA allows enterprises to do this because it opens up the integration and automation of the value chain built on IT standards.

However, despite the significant progress made with open standards in the industry, most SOA platforms are delivered with many proprietary, closed extensions that focus on customer lock-in more so than automation of the value chain. Examples of this include proprietary data formats and extensions to standards that could have been part of the standard, but vendors refused to open up their entire SOA stack. This drives complex, closed and expensive SOA platforms and enterprise deployments.

This white paper discusses how to solve business and technical problems with open source SOA technology.