Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight: Left to Their Own Devices: Does Your Enterprise Have a Dropbox Problem?

Sep 27, 2012

Download In the absence of well-defined policies, awareness and education, and officially supported alternatives for sharing files securely, knowledgeable end-users will often overlook security and compliance in favor of getting the job done by taking advantage of free and readily available alternatives.

Top-performing organizations are able to support the business objectives of end-user productivity, convenience and collaboration while simultaneously sustaining the organization's requirements for security, compliance, and cost-effective management.

Download this Analyst Insight report from the Aberdeen Group to learn about:

The "Dropbox Problem" defined

�  The Aberdeen Group's research findings on the changing characteristics of data

�  Why traditional file sharing approaches are no longer sufficient

�  Characteristics to look for when evaluating enterprise-class secure file sharing solutions

�  and more