Need More Storage? Reclaim It!

Jun 07, 2010

Download Did you know that 60%-80% of storage capacity in most organizations is never utilized? �And that the demand for data storage is expected to grow at 35%-65%CAGR in the next five years?

So does more storage mean more costs? Not Necessarily.

Microland�s whitepaper �Need More Storage Capacity? Reclaim It!!� details a step by step covering the entire storage capacity audit and reclamation service lifecycle for your organization including
1.Storage Utilization Trends
2.Over Allocated Capacity Determination
3.Total Reclaimable Capacity
4.Capacity Trending and Forecasting

This approach helps you arrive at the optimized storage scenario for your organization thus allowing you to make intelligent choices and that you purchase additional storage only as a last resort. As an illustration of the benefit, Storage Capacity Audit and Reclamation Service can help you save up to $100,000 on an installed storage base of 100TB