Putting the Efficiency Of End-To-End Automation To Work Across the Enterprise

by IBM

Apr 02, 2013

Download An end-to-end systems automation approach reaches across the enterprise's distributed and mainframe environments alike with scalability that can accommodate even the largest infrastructures. It is broad in scope to manage ever-increasing IT complexity. And it is integrated to tie together low-level information coming from critical resources with high-level views and control of the enterprise. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, allowing operational simplicity, efficiency and consistency. IBM Systems Automation provides an efficient, easy-toimplement and easy-to-manage, policy-based approach based on proven IBM solutions. Enabling end-to-end automation of operations and applications throughout the full IT and business environment, IBM Systems Automation provides a unified, "single pane of glass" view and control of IT operations to support rapid response to alerts, problems and threats, as well as improved control over the impact of IT on the organization helping reduce interruptions to ensure ongoing operations for critical business functions.