Return on Collaboration

by PGi

Apr 01, 2010

Download Now more than ever, effective and efficient collaboration among employees is a critical part of a successful business. But with personnel scattered across multiple locations at any given time, your company�s collaboration is only as effective as the communications technology that facilitates it. This free white paper � about the Return on Collaboration � will clearly explain the benefits of adopting web and mobile technologies specifically designed to bring employees together efficiently and cost-effectively.

By providing IP-based applications and tools that help workers share documents, presentations, and immersive video conferencing, businesses can not only help increase productivity during the 9-to-5 workday, but extend collaboration beyond the boardroom and into the living room or hotel room. This paper shows you why more and more companies are reducing the need for collaborative business trips and increasing efficiency across personal venues, helping employees to protect their work-life balance.

Download Return on Collaboration now and find out how much time and money you can save with more efficiently run meetings. This paper will show you how to:

•Expand collaboration beyond your four walls
•Reduce average meeting time by nearly 50 minutes
•Eliminate meeting travel and operation costs
•Increase employee satisfaction
•Measure your return on collaboration