The New Era of ICM: Simplicity, Productivity & Profitability - How Software as a Service is Revolutionizing ICM

by IBM

Jul 22, 2014

Download Good News: The budget and authority to buy strategic technologies - like incentive compensation management (ICM) - that drive your success are being put in your hands.

Bad News: Because of more sophisticated ICM requirements and other business realities, ICM solutions are becoming more complex to purchase.

Read this new paper and learn why more organizations are responding to this dilemma by choosing cloud-based ICM. You'll discover:

• Six issues causing organizations to reconsider their use of variable comp management programs

• Why cloud computing (and software-as-a-service) is on the rise

• Eight reasons why ICM is well-suited to cloud-based deployment

• What to look for in the right ICM solution and the right SaaS partner