The Source-to-Consumer Era: Best-in-Class Commerce Integrates Order Fulfillment, Inventory, and Supply Chain

by IBM

Apr 10, 2012

Download Best-in-Class Commerce Integrates Order Fulfillment,Inventory, and Supply Chain According to the January 2012 Omni-Channel Retail Experience report, 58% of consumer goods manufacturers and retail industry companies rank commerce or web-enabled order efficiency as a key strategic area that is vital for creating a 360-degree unified customer experience across all channels of sales and service.

However, only 32% of companies share up-to-date order management and execution information across channels, and even fewer (27%) of companies possess processes for up-to-date fulfillment planning across all channels.

One of the key reasons behind the aforementioned complexities is the lack of integrated front-end/customer facing systems (i.e. e-commerce and multi-channel enabled POS systems) with up-to-date order-fulfillment-delivery processes. This process and system-related disconnect leads to lost sales opportunity, lower GMROII, and lower customer satisfaction rates.