The Truth About Wasteful Spending On Software

Mar 01, 2009

Download You are buying more software than you need! You've long suspected this but cannot prove it. Your software vendors certainly will not help as metrics on "need" are never used to assess the number of licenses required. Your IT organization can't help because it can only refer to its Software Asset Management tools, which concern themselves with being in compliance with license terms not saving money. As IT costs come under greater scrutiny, this dirty little secret of over licensing must be exposed. It is not good enough to go on sacrificing cash on the altar of compliance risk, when you know most of this software will sit idle in the environments of the people buying it. It's time to regain control, it's time to take back that unused software and recycle it rather than constantly writing checks for new licenses. This white paper focuses on how countless other finance executives, like yourselves, have managed to stop the waste.


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