WHITE PAPER: Enabling Process Intelligence Through Process Mining & Analytics

Aug 18, 2014

Download Are you searching for methods to readily identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in your critical business processes?  Do you find it is difficult and costly to conduct process investigation in order to visualize the process flows?

To be successful in today's increasingly transparent and competitive business world, organizations need to provide visibility into business processes while optimizing their use of internal resources to improve business performance. Accomplishing these goals requires powerful data collection and analytical tools to gain actionable insights into business processes, systems and data.

This paper discusses how the combination of process mining and process analytics creates the ability to discover and monitor business processes that span multiple systems and organizational silos. Process mining technology enables companies to discover and visualize "as-is" process maps instantly, pinpoint process bottlenecks and inefficiencies easily, and achieve ultimate goal of process optimization. This level of process intelligence provides visualization of these heterogeneous business processes for both internal and external audiences, while identifying problem areas and allowing for adaptive process optimization.


Fujitsu America Inc.