How to Deploy a Cost-Effective VDI Solution for SMBs

by Dell

Authored on: Feb 25, 2013

Download As the migration to Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs) increases, storage managers are faced with the daunting task of deploying and maintaining these environments. Download, "E-Guide: Pros and Cons of VDI for SMBs" to obtain tips and solutions on how to implement the most cost-effective virtualization solution for your Organization, such as:

• Mixing and matching different vendors to get best-of-breed products/cost-efficient combinations

• Deploying a small number of desktops and gradually growing your VDI footprint

• Utilizing a VDI optimization software that reduces shared storage capacity by up to 90 percent

Deploying a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can be cost-effective for SMBs. Download the whitepaper now.

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