Private Cloud ROI Case Study with Intel and Univa

Sep 30, 2009

Download How can Private Cloud technology benefit you? Find out in this new case study and ROI analysis which describes the benefits Corus Automotive, a major European steelmaker, has received due to an Intel and Univa infrastructure transformation.

Corus is using Intel Nehalem processors and Univa UD software used to create a private cloud to run its technical computing applications and streamline its data management and storage processes. These applications allow an elite team of Corus researchers to design and virtually test materials and auto components in simulated crashes.

Quantified benefit areas include:
> Reduced power consumption
> Improved performance
> Reduced hardware footprint
> Improved research productivity
> More efficient monitoring
> More cost-effective hardware and software
> Streamlined support

The infrastructure transformation was launched in March 2009 and planned to take 18-24 months to implement all four stages. At the September 2009 date of publication of this research document, the project has achieved significant benefits and continues to move forward.


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