Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Use Case: Server Consolidation

by Redhat

Jun 06, 2012

Download By transitioning workloads from physical servers to virtual machines, datacenter consolidation significantly increases the utilization and agility of computing resources while reducing operational costs with more efficient use of power and space. Capital cost savings in server hardware is the most immediate benefit and can range in a reduction of 40-75 percent. Operations teams also benefit from the reduced requirements for space and power and with the improved on-going management of their servers. For new server hardware, more can be done with less as multiple workloads (running on virtual machines) can more effectively utilize shared physical servers.

This paper will illustrate how the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization solution provides customers the proven infrastructure to safely and cost effectively virtualize their Windows- and Linux- based workloads and attain these benefits of increased utilization and agility and lower capital and operating costs.