RHEV for Servers: Competitive Pricing whitepaper

by Redhat

May 20, 2012

Download This document compares the pricing of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) with the pricing of VMware vSphere5 for server virtualization. Both the RHEV for Servers subscription pricing and the VMware vSphere5 license and support pricing are explained prior to the detailed pricing comparisons for the use cases of 100 and 250 virtual servers. As the analysis reveals, a RHEV for Server solution costs 60-90% less than Vmware vSphere5 solution. Or in other words, VMware can be up to five times more expensive. To focus on a true cost comparison, this analysis only considered the virtualization solution consisting of the hypervisor host and enterprise management system. Server hardware costs and virtual server operating system costs are not included since they would be identical for both solutions.