The Benefits Of Cloud Computing: A New Era Of Responsiveness, Effectiveness, and Efficiency In IT Service Delivery

by IBM

Jan 01, 2011

Download IBM and customers both reap the benefits of cloud computing IT executives today can be forgiven if accused of having their heads in the clouds.That�s because the clouds that interest IT executives today aren�t of the meteorologicalvariety; they are computing clouds. Widespread interest and even unabashed excite-ment about cloud computing emanates from businesses, government agencies andother organizations seeking more dynamic, resilient and cost-effective IT systems thanprevious generations of technology allowed.

While the term �cloud� may connote an ephemeral quality to the type of computing itdescribes, the benefits of cloud computing to customers are very tangible. IBM itself�as well as clients around the world�is adopting cloud computing in recognition of itspotential to usher in a new era of responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency in ITservice delivery.

Cloud computing is a style of computing whose foundation is the delivery of services,software and processing capacity using private or public networks. The focus of cloudcomputing is the user experience, and the essence is to decouple the delivery of com-puting services from the underlying technology. Beyond the user interface, the technol-ogy behind the cloud remains invisible to the user, making cloud computing incrediblyuser-friendly. Cloud computing is an emerging approach to shared infrastructure inwhich large pools of systems are linked together in private or public networks to pro-vide IT services.