White Book: Cloud Adoption - The Definitive Guide to a Business Technology Revolution

Jun 22, 2014

Download Cloud is a huge step change in the way IT-based services are delivered, and one that will provide substantial business benefits through reduced capital expenditure and increased business agility. As ever, any topic with this much hype heightens expectations, thereby creating a challenge for CIOs. The key issue that every CIO must address is how and where we adopt cloud services so they maximize the benefits to our organizations and customers.

This Fujitsu White Book of Cloud Adoption, produced in consultation with some of the UK's leading CIOs, cuts through the market hype, acronyms and buzzwords to clearly explain the different cloud models on offer. It also provides a mechanism to determine which IT applications and business services to migrate into the cloud, setting out best practice and practical approaches for cloud adoption. The aim of all CIOs who contributed was to produce a balanced and succinct guide which could be used with confidence by our peers from all sectors, to enable them to form a realistic understanding of the potential of cloud computing for their organizations

1: What is Cloud?
2: What Cloud Means to Business
3: CIO Headaches
4: Adoption Approaches
5. The Changing Role of the Service Management Organization
6: The Changing Role of the Enterprise Architecture Team
7. The Future of Cloud
8. The Last Word on Cloud
9. Cloud Speak: Key Terms Explained


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