Driving Business Agility Through SOA Connectivity

by IBM

Jan 01, 2009

Download Business challenges are increasing for every industry almost everywhere--from pervasive globalization and competitive markets to tightened credit and volatile commodity availability and pricing. To be successful, companies must be able respond to change quickly and cost effectively. They need to be proactive by working smarter so that they can solve the problems of today and seize the opportunities of tomorrow. For years, IT departments have been building infrastructures that support the sometimes conflicting and always complex needs of their businesses. Now there is even more pressure on IT to solve today�s business challenges. Businesses that have built powerful individual solutions are beginning to realize that the costs and complexity of today�s IT solutions could hamper their ability to be more responsive to changes in the market. Many enterprises have been rigidly structured into virtually proprietary and separate vertical lines of business, sharing no common processes or parts of the infrastructure with other departments. This structure aided business control and direction for each line of business, but it prevented other departments (and the corporations themselves) from reusing any components. This kind of vertical structure also leads to duplication of IT effort and an increase in costs. It also prevents businesses from quickly and easily sharing valuable information. Thus, existing IT architecture and solutions can become part of the problem to be solved rather than the tool to help businesses embrace change.