Ensuring Web Service Quality for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA's)

by Oracle

Mar 13, 2009

Download Web services hold the promise of integrating software applications from heterogeneous networks and exchanging information in a simple, standardized manner.

Current trends show that the vast majority of companies are moving to services-oriented architectures (SOAs) and deploying Web services within and across their IT infrastructure. However, the success of those deployments is determined not only by the integrations and innovations that Web services make possible, but also by how Web services affect the quality and performance of the mission-critical applications with which they interface. As such, it is crucial to thoroughly test Web services before they are deployed in order to ensure service level compliance in production.

This white paper discusses the testing challenges presented by Web services, and introduces best practices to ensure SOA application quality through the use of Oracle´┐Żs award-winning Web service testing solution.