Own your process, own your information, own your business with SOA

by IBM

Mar 04, 2011

Download SOA has the potential to enable IT to support business transformation by reusing�and reducing the maintenance costs of�their existing applications. Yet the reality is that many SOA projects have resulted in disappointment, because organizations have approached the task from a purely technological perspective.

The most successful SOA stories are, in fact, based on business and IT collaboration, driving synergies and innovation across the enterprise. In other words, SOAs that are created within an IT vacuum are doomed to failure.

SOA is not an IT activity. SOA is an architectural style that must be pervasive throughout all aspects of the enterprise, and across business.

This white paper details why building in BPM, information management and SOA governance across the enterprise is critical to SOA success. It also presents real-world examples of IBM customers that have done so and are now reaping the benefits of SOA, including service reuse, business agility and business transformation.