The 2011 Cloud Networking Report

by Interop

Jan 15, 2010

Download The majority of IT organizations have either already adopted, or are in the process of adopting cloud computing. The broad interest in cloud computing is understandable given that, as explained in this report, the goal of cloud computing is to enable IT organizations to achieve a dramatic improvement in the cost effective, elastic provisioning of IT services that are good enough.

The phrase good enough refers primarily to the fact that on a going forward basis, IT organizations will continue to be required to provide the highest levels of availability and performance for a small number of key applications and services. However, an everincreasing number of applications and services will be provided on a best effort basis.

The phrase good enough refers secondarily to the fact that the SLAs from both traditional network service providers as well as from public cloud computing providers are often weak or non-existent. As such, these services are currently provided on a good enough basis, whether or not that is explicitly acknowledged. The adoption of cloud computing creates some very significant networking challenges.In recognition of those challenges, the phrase cloud networking refers to the LAN, WAN and management functionality that IT organizations must put in place in order to enable cloud computing.