Microsoft SharePoint Data Protection Best Practices

Jan 05, 2009

Download In many companies today, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 is being deployed to provide a portal for centralized information sharing. SharePoint enables business collaboration by combining file-based content with unstructured content, such as blog entries and discussion threads, and storing it all in databases. Portal services and Office applications can then leverage the capabilities of the SQL relational database engine to access this information in powerful new ways.

The complexity of the SharePoint application deployment can rise quickly in larger organizations. As more corporate data is organized into SharePoint, the more business critical this application becomes. Data Domain deduplication storage provides easy integration and simplified disaster recovery to ensure that this data is protected and recoverable, both on and off-site, in a cost-effective manner.

This paper focuses on data protection strategies for Microsoft SharePoint systems, and highlights how to best leverage the capabilities of Data Domain deduplication storage.

Topics discussed include:
� Microsoft Sharepoint Architecture Overview
� Defining Retention as a Service Level for Sharepoint Data Protection
� Sharepoint Data Protection Best Practices