That Dreaded Day: Active Directory Disasters & Solutions for Preventing Them

by Dell

Jan 30, 2013

Download It's a fact that Active Directory is the source of nearly all authentication and authorization in any Windows network. You'll eventually find every dependency arrow pointing towards AD services. Three other facts about Active Directory:

• Keeping those services running is absolutely critical.

• AD disasters can happen, and that dreaded day can arrive if you're lacking protection in key areas.

• While built-in features will keep AD running after some kinds of failures, there are others from which it cannot bounce back.

Neglecting AD failures, or the protections that prevent them, could result in that dreaded day - the day where your entire business grinds to a halt because of some unforeseen AD disaster.

Read this white paper to learn about the five potential Active Directory disaster scenarios that could hit your IT department, and the tools and planning you need to repair them more quickly, or prevent them altogether.