Rewriting The Rules of Patch Management

by IBM

Jun 03, 2012

Download Patch management has always been an uphill climb because of the massive complexity involved. Despite the risks, some organizations are reluctant to patch because of the time and labor required, plus the potential of disrupting business operations. In an organization with a heterogeneous hardware and software environment, staying on top of the multitude of patches - and issuing them in a timely manner - can overextend IT staff and budgets.

What is needed is a rapidly deployable, cost-effective, policy-based patch management solution that:

� Works for all endpoints in organizations of all sizes, including the very largest.

� Supports multiple vendors, operating systems, applications and platforms.

� Works over low-speed connections and supports devices that roam outside of the organizational network.

� Minimizes the demand on IT staff.

� Operates in real time, deploying patches organization-wide in hours.

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager, built on BigFix technology, combines the separate pieces of the patch management puzzle into an intelligent, simplified solution that streamlines and optimizes the process of researching, assessing, remediating, confirming, enforcing and reporting on patches.