IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor

by IBM

May 18, 2012

Download Cloud computing helps enterprises become more agile and responsive while significantly reducing IT costs and complexity, through better workload optimization and service delivery.

Cloud-delivered applications provide benefits such as scalability, maximizing resources, expanding services, maximizing software and hardware investment, and standardizing and the ease of use of IT resources.

When considering whether to move an application to the cloud, it is important to consider both the purpose of the application and the role that application plays in supporting your department and IT strategies.

This is important for deciding whether to transition an application to a cloud environment, or to rearchitect the application - and if so, how to do it. IBM has a methodology and tool for determining how to approach these decisions and optimize the benefits from cloud applications.

Benefits from cloud are compelling-early adopters of cloud computing including IBM and IBM clients have realized real benefits, including:
� Reducing IT labor cost by up to 50 percent
� Eliminating up to 30 percent of software defects
� Lowering end-user IT support costs by up to 40 percent.