New CLARiiON CX4 Delivers Less and Much More: Less Power, Less Footprint, Less Wasted Capacity - with Doubled Performance, Scale and Connectivity

by EMC

Aug 01, 2008

Download Enterprises want more capacity and faster performance, because they need to store and access more data. They want greener storage, in the sense of consuming less energy and floor space, because energy prices are high, access to power may be limited, and data centers may be filled to capacity. They also want storage to be more cost-effective to own, and because IT budgets are constrained, they want to get more out of the money they spend. Like a river spilling over its banks, storage requirements in the Information Age are always rising, and enterprises continuously need better infrastructure to contain it.

�Bigger better faster� is what everyone expects from a storage platform upgrade, and EMC does not disappoint with the CX4, says Clipper Group. Find out how the CX4 addresses current customer concerns, such as cost of ownership, high availability, and energy efficiency and offers just about any feature you need.

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