On-premise, On-demand Storage for Dummies

Jan 29, 2014

Download Welcome to On-Premise, On-Demand Storage for Dummies by DLT solutions and NetApp will introduce the features, functions, and benefits of using Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) in a government computing environment. Request your own copy to find out how STaaS can help make agencies more efficient, provide organizations with bundled hardware, software, and services in a pay-as-you-go model. Acquisition, operations, and maintenance costs of a storage infrastructure are delivered as a metered storage service.

On-Premise, On-Demand Storage for Dummies addresses the following:
� Overview and benefits of an as-a-Service model in modern computing,
� Basic features and functions of Storage-as-a-Service,
� Outline of the physical and intangible components that compose a typical STaaS solution,
� Key consideration in choosing a competent STaaS provider from specific schedules and contracts qualifications to the best term and pricing,

Put STaaS to work with DLT and NetApp,and leverage performance, customization, and control associate with private storage resources along with the efficiency and elasticity benefits of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.


DLT Solutions / NetApp