Remediate Backup Tapes to Control Liability & Cost

Sep 01, 2009

Download In the past it was far too expensive and difficult to understand the detailed content of old backup tapes. Discovery efforts required that the content to be restored first, and then analyzed in order to determine what to keep and what can be purged. Restoring thousands or tens of thousands of tapes was out of the question. It would take too much time, money and legacy infrastructure. As a result IT departments have let the mountain of tapes grow taller every day � with no end in sight.

The problem has now been solved by eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming backup restoration and applying a more intelligent approach. New technology scans tapes and then searches and extracts specific files and email without the original backup software. This allows you to only deal with relevant files (less than 1% of the tape content) and not the bulk of useless content.