SAN Technology Convergence: Impacts And Benefits

by Interop

May 20, 2009

Download Technologies such as virtualization and unified fabric offer great opportunities for IT leaders to improve the responsiveness and agility of their organizations. Nonetheless, the evolutionary path to full adoption of these converged technologies in the data center involves changes to IT processes, network architecture, and the skill set required to support the new IT. As unified fabric architectures evolve, the network will be the storage area network (SAN) for block or file access, creating new opportunities for further storage consolidation and network architecture optimization. This session will explore the business benefits of unified fabric with Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) on the SAN and the network architecture implications. This session will also discuss the business benefits of converged technologies in IT, with a particular focus to the data center, and highlight some of the implications that these technologies will have on processes and people within IT.