Software Defined Storage Needs a Platform

by IBM

Dec 04, 2013

Download This Storage Switzerland paper examines how software defined storage extends the concept of storage virtualization beyond the mere aggregation of storage assets and basic volume management. Software defined storage adds enhanced capabilities like data protection, storage tiering and storage efficiency.

The next generation of software defined storage will evolve from proprietary services into a platform. This will continue to provide core data services like volume management, snapshots, data tiering but at the same time be open to additions from independent third party solutions such as Bridgeworks SANSlide.

Storage Switzerland explains how IBM Storwize family is a mature software defined storage platform that now is being enhanced with greater functionality to meet the needs of customers deploying virtualized infrastructures. They also example the benefits of adding third-party software to the platform and specifically how Bridgeworks SANSlide can help make remote replication more efficient.