Next-Generation Intelligent STORAGE for Virtualization

Jan 10, 2012

Download The legacy storage technologies in use at most organizations today were designed and developed before the advent of widespread virtualization. That means they're fundamentally inadequate for the new challenges IT organizations face, including tremendous growth in data volume, serious limitations on infrastructure budgets and staff, intense pressure to achieve optimized application performance, and increasingly volatile fluctuations in business demand.

Legacy storage technologies also prevent IT organizations (and the businesses they support) from realizing the full benefits of virtualization - including business agility and responsiveness to rapidly changing needs, nonstop availability of critical services, improved application performance, and optimized utilization of infrastructure investments.

To meet these challenges and reap these benefits, organizations need a next-generation intelligent storage platform that is designed from the ground up to address the needs of today's highly dynamic and highly virtualized data centers.

This technology brief examines the high-value capabilities built into Dell EqualLogic storage solutions and explores the benefits they deliver.