Shifting IT focus from maintenance to innovation

by IBM

Nov 04, 2013

Download At many companies today, 70 percent of IT budgets - or more - go into maintenance and operations.1 A large chunk of the remainder typically goes toward deploying applications and configuring hardware for them. But what if you could manage the entire solution stack as a single entity, automate most maintenance tasks and deploy new applications in a matter of hours? You'd most likely be able to dedicate far more of your IT budget to innovation and new capabilities. Your company could spend more time focused on increasing competitiveness. IBM has found early adopters of new technology are the organizations that assign more than half their IT budgets to adding new applications and capabilities. IT professionals know the focus of IT should be shifted from carrying maintenance burdens to cost-effectively accelerating essential projects and responding to business needs and market opportunities. But IT tasks such as application development, management and maintenance aren't going away. That's why IBM has developed the IBM PureApplication System.