Telcos in the Cloud: Claiming a Seat at the Table

Jul 01, 2009

Download Given the myriad challenges telcos face to their core businesses, they cannot allow themselves to be left out of the emerging "cloud" revenue opportunity. They must get on the cloud bus or risk being thrown under it.

Also in this report:
- Telcos are beginning to insert themselves into the cloud conversation by approaching the cloud in a way that highlights their current network assets and network-related capabilities.

- A more expansive notion of the cloud holds the key to telcos' ability to gain and maintain a place at the cloud table.

- Telcos have numerous avenues to attack the cloud opportunity: retail services for enterprises and consumers, wholesale/enablement services for software developers and other cloud service providers, and ecosystem-oriented services that have the potential to transform telcos' own business models and offer ways to play direct or indirect roles with various participants in the cloud services supply chain.

This IDC Insight presents IDC's current views on the role of telcos and telecom networks in the emerging (and still nebulous) world of cloud services and infrastructure.

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