Three Financial Firms Make Critical Decisions- Improve Efficiencies

Sep 01, 2008

Download Financial institutions are facing more than a few challenges given today�s economic climate. To achieve their growth goals, they need to acquire and service customers more efficiently and effectively than their competition. And to accomplish this, they need to be able to collaborate quickly and effectively with merged operations, develop and bring new products and services to market based on customer needs, and provide clients real-time access to a host of banking specialists. But these expectations can be expensive to implement given limited staff and far-flung banking locations.

An emerging and innovative solution is video conferencing. And the leader, with state-of-the-art technology is TANDBERG. Their full suite of video conferencing products have allowed financial services companies to share information more effectively, answer questions more efficiently, and provide a greater variety of services at more locations. Easy to implement and integrate with existing technology, TANDBERG solutions reduce costs (including reduction in travel expenses) and increase operating margins through faster decision-making, responsiveness, and improved productivity. Plus they allow you to create a visual record of transactions with data convergence and real-time linkages of voice, video, and data.

Discover how three financial firms were able to extend their staffing resources across remote locations, increase customer communication, and improve overall collaboration and productivity -- without ever leaving their offices. Learn more >