Transforming Enterprise Processes Through Virtual Worlds

Jan 26, 2009

Download These are challenging times for businesses. With revenues down, expenses are under severe pressure. Business leaders are asking their employees to do more with smaller budgets. In particular, travel budgets are being slashed so business managers are being asked to rethink how they conduct events, training, and employee development without being able to meet in person. At the same time, globalization has increased the demand for effective performance from distributed organizations. In particular, there is growing interest in virtual world technology as a potential solution for business training and collaboration. Virtual world applications are significantly cheaper than video conferencing, telepresence, and travel, yet represent a more engaging and enjoyable learning medium than Web or audio conferencing and most Web-based learning content. The Masie Center, a think-tank focused on enterprise learning and knowledge, and Forterra Systems agreed in the spring of 2008 to provide a �3D Sandbox� for members of The Masie Center�s Learning Consortium to explore their learning use cases in a virtual world. The Sandbox used Forterra�s On-Line Interactive Virtual Environment (OLIVE) software platform that enabled members to prototype and pilot their learning use cases quickly and with minimal effort. This white paper includes the case studies for Accenture and ACS Learning Services, results of their efforts, lessons learned, and the �recipe for success� going forward for new organizations considering how to convert an interest in virtual worlds to tangible field pilot programs that deliver business results.