Three Energy Firms Unleash the Power of Their Experts - Get Immediate Insights

Sep 01, 2008

Download From upstream exploration and drilling to midstream processing to downstream marketing and retail selling, collaborative communication technology advances are helping the energy sector discover and recover new fuel supplies and eliminate unnecessary costs. Energy industry companies are increasingly adopting video communications as a critical part of their daily communications � helping to speed time to market, increase productivity and quickly troubleshoot production issues. And TANDBERG, the leader in telepresence and high definition video conferencing technology, is spearheading the revolution.

With video conferencing capabilities, energy firms are speeding the troubleshooting process for engineers. They�re able to monitor field stations remotely, and provide remotely stationed employees timely and critical information to make decisions. Plus, the TANDBERG suite of solutions support corporate training and expertise to those in the field.

Learn how leading energy companies are leveraging real-time data from thousands of miles away to pinpoint drilling locations, streamline daily operations, unlock fresh sources of energy, and boost production. Learn more >