Aberdeen Research: Unified Communications - Unleashing Transformation, Efficiency, Collaboration & Compliance

by Siemens

Mar 31, 2010

Download With so many potential points of contact � desk phones, soft phones, voice messaging, email, videoconferencing, texting, social media, mobile devices � how can we ever actually be reached within a reasonable timeframe? How does Unified Communications transform an organization�s communications infrastructure, improve efficiency, optimize work processes, and provide for business continuity and compliance? To find out, Aberdeen Group surveyed 184 organizations in more than 28 countries around the world.

Using key performance criteria to distinguish Best-in-Class, Industry Average and Laggard Performance, this paper reveals the aggregated metrics of all surveyed companies to determine how a well integrated Unified Communications solution and its integration with business process management systems impacts a company�s ability to turn these actions into improved business results.