Organizing IT For Next-Gen Converged Networks

Apr 02, 2009

Download In the first generation of IP Telephony, the �voice� and �data� folks had to figure out new ways of working together to send voice over the �data� network. With Unified Communications, many more stakeholders become involved: Applications developers, datacenter managers, staff in charge of directories and e-mail, just to name a few. In this presentation, Delphi�s Gary Audin addresses concerns for those facing the organizational challenges of both IPT and UC, including: When and why do you need to consider a change in organization or internal governance? When a change is needed, how does it get put together and by whom? Do you need a UC or convergence �champion� or �czar� to coordinate the organizational transition? What processes are needed to open and maintain the lines of communication among voice, data network, applications developers, and messaging/e-mail IT specialists?


VoiceCon Orlando 2009