Upgrading Your Data Nets For Voice and Video

Apr 01, 2009

Download As you implement voice and/or video on your legacy data LANs and WAN, and as you scale that implementation, the challenge of delivering acceptable quality and sufficient security becomes more complex. These challenges only intensify as you attempt to serve all your users in all your locations and in all of the users´┐Ż locations. In this presentation, NetForecast provides a detailed understanding of the technical problems you can encounter, the steps to take to overcome them, and the specific technologies and practices that are required to make voice and video run over a data network. What is required to deliver adequate quality of service (QOS) for voice and video on an IP network that previously handled only data? Can you run VoIP or video over the Internet with acceptable QOS/quality of experience (QOE)? How do you implement security on this upgraded data network? How do you extend your upgrade across the WAN and how do you extend it to serve mobile workers?


VoiceCon Orlando 2009