10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Video IP (VoIP) Phone

May 18, 2009

Download In a world of virtual teams and global operations, face-to-face communication shouldn�t be limited to colleagues who work at the same location. And, if your organization is utilizing VoIP (Voice over Internet) technology to make and receive calls, then you�re ready for the new generation of video-enabled phones, or Video IP Phones. They give any employee the ability to collaborate with any colleague in any location face-to-face. As a result, eye contact, body language, voice inflection and other subtle communications cues are preserved to ensure optimum productivity.

With the ongoing pressure to reduce travel expenses, react faster to changing business conditions, and be environment-friendly, video conferencing has exploded as the most practical and affordable �green� solution for business. This paper addresses the ten questions you should ask before investing in Video IP Phone technology. Discussion includes what to look for in video resolution, the size of a video screen, ideal placement of camera, capabilities as they relate to multiparty calls, the ability to view PC content, expected telephony features, ease of use, firewall traversal, AES encryption, and mass scale deployment. A comparison checklist is also included. By leveraging this knowledge, you can be confident that the solution you purchase will meet the needs of your entire workforce today and well into the future.


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