HD VoIP Sounds Better

Jan 01, 2009

Download For over 100 years, telephones have grown to become a primary means of communications in both our personal and business lives. Even with all the changes from analog to digital, wireline to mobile and eventually to Voice over IP, one thing has remained consistent � limited audio quality. Why do we have to sound like air traffic controllers when spelling out confirmation codes? �Papa, Alpha, Delta�. This is due to the limitations that the PSTN enforces on traditional analog and digital telephones and the �3.4 kHz sound barrier�. The adoption of VoIP and broadband networks have given us the opportunity to break through this barrier with a whole new range of wideband and high-quality voice coding algorithms that make communications more efficient, effective and natural. HD VoIP allows carriers to differentiate their services with a much improved audio experience, creating customer loyalty and affinity. Enterprises can differentiate themselves with superior voice quality to their customers, building on their quality branding while improving business efficiency. AudioCodes HD VoIP solutions and products - the way sound was meant to be heard.

In this white paper, we will discuss HD VoIP technology - and how it can be deployed in the Business and Residential environments. Similarly we will include a number of examples for applications that will benefit from utilizing this technology.