How to Bullet-Proof Your IP Voice Network

Jun 19, 2009

Download Deploying VoIP, IP telephony, and convergence technologies can only be successful if the resulting voice services are delivered with high quality, availability and reliability. Failure is not an option � and yet, analysts report Voice / IT support teams are only 52% successful in supporting IP voice and unified communications platforms.

With most companies today tightening their budgets, you can�t afford to put your communications services at risk. Whether you�re just starting on convergence, or moving to advanced technologies such as workforce mobility, collaboration, and unified communications, you must ensure your underlying voice infrastructure is rock-solid, and is capable of cost effectively supporting and driving your business initiatives.

Get the straight facts and answers to these critical questions:

� How do I remove the risks from deploying VoIP, IP Telephony, and advanced communications technologies?

� How can my staff better handle the support load of voice convergence � particularly if they�re currently doing more with less?

� What steps are necessary to ensure my communications systems can cost effectively support and drive my strategic business initiatives?

Learn the five essential keys to bullet-proofing your voice and data environment, and leveraging convergence management to drive your strategic business communications.


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