Power-up Your Business with the right Communications System

by Avaya

Feb 14, 2012

Download Small businesses know that success depends on keeping ahead of the competition. Dependable communications are critical to achieving a competitive advantage, but the here-and-now business challenges facing small companies, like budget concerns, employee multitasking, and ensuring current customers' satisfaction, can make it difficult to find the time and financial resources to proactively improve their communications systems.

This white paper examines how the adoption of a unified communications system based on Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, can help small businesses can grow and thrive. The same technology that drives data transmitted over the Internet is providing small businesses with advanced communications strategies for collaboration, customer service, business expansion, and cost control. IP communications systems help make employees available to customers, vendors, and colleagues anywhere, anytime. Scalable platforms provide the services and support that small companies need today, while allowing room for future growth.