VoIP Troubleshooting, Monitoring And Metrics

Mar 30, 2009

Download You've decided to make the transition from your PBX to a VoIP system and have navigated the procurement and initial installation process. Now the real world of operating a production network comes into focus: When problems arise, what causes them? How do you troubleshoot them? Terry Slattery, Principal Consultant at Chesapeake Netcraftsmen, will show you how to identify and troubleshoot VoIP problems, how to configure your network management system to monitor key network factors that impact VoIP and what metrics indicate an adverse impact on VoIP operation. Troubleshooting covers failed calls, one-way audio, poor audio quality, excessive echo and other common problems, as well as how to address them. The Monitoring and Metrics section describes how to watch your VoIP system and the network on which it operates, as well as key metrics like call failures, call performance characteristics, network congestion, and QoS that can be used to proactively identify potential problems.


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