Top 10 Reasons Why Customers Deploy Microsoft Applications with Hyper-V on EMC VNXe

by EMC

Mar 22, 2011

Download Learn why it makes good business sense to deploy Microsoft applications with Hyper-V on EMC�s new VNXe systems.

Read our top 10 reasons information handout to find out the facts, such as: VNXe simplicity enables you to go from power-on to provision-ready in fewer than 15 minutes. You can provision file deduplication and compression to reduce up-front storage costs by up to 50 percent for EMC quality at a reasonable price. EMC VNXe configurations start under $10K and include operating environment, replication, and management software.

Save operational costs by having the same resources manage applications and storage.

The VNXe�s compact size is ideal for small businesses, branch offices, or under the desk, and you can run SAN and NAS together in one box. You�ll find answers quickly and easily with the VNXe system�s automated diagnosis tools and one-click technical support features. Plug this system directly into the Hyper-V and SCVMM management console for seamless and simplified management. And reduce backup windows from hours to minutes with application-consistent, space-efficient snapshots. Do it all and more with the EMC VNXe series systems.