Application Monitoring Beyond The Web

Oct 22, 2012


Ever feel like you're running blind, even with a costly and complex application performance monitoring system in place?

The problem is that APM mostly focuses on Web applications. But most IT teams are responsible for vital business applications that aren't Web based and that must be available pretty much 100% of the time--and by "available" we mean near-instant response, not taking 10 seconds to refresh a screen. Think about an inventory database that salespeople and partners depend on. It's extraordinary that many shops are still in the position of not knowing performance is tanking until the help desk lines light up. And if you can't proactively monitor mission-critical applications hosted in-house, you're going to be in worse shape if (or when) they start migrating to public cloud infrastructure services.

Most of the companies we work with have a good handle on how well their e-commerce applications and outward-facing websites are performing. Now the challenge is looking inward to head off problems with critical business applications before customers or employees notice.


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